Photograph of new Ford Mustang game piece

The Monopoly Mustang

Trade in that old-fashioned race car or steam engine. Now you can drive in style as you travel around the board in the 2016 edition of Monopoly Empire.

The newest game token is a Ford Mustang fastback. Ford says it’s Mr. Monopoly’s new ride. (In case you hadn’t heard, the fellow we’ve known as Rich Uncle Pennybags since 1946 changed his name in 1999.)

Photograph of new Ford Mustang game piece

Ford hasn’t said whether there will be a special Monopoly edition of the real Mustang. But then again, a full-size gold car might be just a bit tacky.

Ford also has its own space on the new game. On the classic Monopoly board, Ford’s space would be Ventnor Avenue. Ventnor used to rent for $260 but with Ford occupying the space, the price has jumped to $300,000 in Monopoly dollars.

In Monopoly Empire, players move around the board, buying and selling brands instead of real estate. As with the original game, he object is collect as much money as possible and as many properties, or billboards, as possible. The winner is the first to fill a brand tower with billboards.

Photo of Monopoly Empire game and game board

There are some changes from the previous edition, Chevrolet is gone, as is the gold Corvette token, and Ford occupies the space formerly held by Ducati, so the motorcycle token is gone, as well. Beats by Dr. Dre and Skype have replaced Coca-Cola and Samsung as the top brands. Those would have been Boardwalk and Park Place, respectively, in the classic game.

Hasbro says that the 2016 Monopoly Empire game is available now and has a suggested retail price of $19.99.

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