Welcome to Tritignomi

Tritignomi? Well, it’s an Anglicization of τρίτη γνώμη which is Greek for the “third opinion.” Written in Roman characters, it would come out as “trite gnome,” which may be more accurate but isn’t nearly as cool.

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Without getting into the details about the pronunciation of the final “eta” in both words,τρίτη γνώμη sounds like “tritig nomi” with a hard “g” when it is spoken.

There. Mystery solved.

Tritignomi was born of a need. When I post a response on social media, in forums and such, I have a terrible tendency to not only express an opinion but to present supporting evidence. Replies are generally well-thought-out responses like “You suck” or another, but equally witty, rejoinder.

The response that bothers me most, however, is “TLDR” or “too long, didn’t read.” While it does indicate that the poster’s attention span is comparable to, say, a hummingbird on crack, that one has a bit of a sting to it because it’s quite true.

Since I am often in the position of presenting a contrary view I believe it is important to say why I disagree. Yes, “You suck” is shorter and in most cases is probably adequate but I find it lacking and wind up writing far too much for something like a Facebook post.

So Tritignomi is a place where I can post my takes on various issues and link to them as needed.

Your comments are welcome and your mileage may vary.

Welcome to tritignomi.

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